Our team

In the course of your training at Schindler Vocational Training you will come into contact with many people. Whether it's the HR team and the people responsible for the specialist area during the recruitment process or your vocational trainers during your training - here you can get a first impression of all of us.

With your photo on the CV we can get to know you for the first time. Here's your chance to see our faces for the first time. 

You'll see lots of teams below - but don't panic. We work together in a very uncomplicated way. You'll see :).

Leadership team

Erika Neumann
Head Schindler Vocational Training

Hugo Bründler
Head Factory

Patrick Imfeld
Manager Elevator Fitter, Logistics Technician and Safety

Nina Scheffler
Head Multimedia, IT, Marketing, Customer Dialogue & Commercial Training

Simon Portmann
Head HR Schindler Vocational Training

René Kuhn
Head Engineering | Manager Designer

HR Team

Carmen Leibundgut

Eva Haas
HR Consultant

Fabienne Zurbriggen
HR Consultant

Natalie Häcki
HR Consultant

Alessia Iannone
HR Assistant 

Nadia Bühlmann
HR Consultant

Tanja Orsi 
HR Consultant

Michaël Delisle
HR Consultant

Specific Managers

Ante Kutlesa
Manager Electronic

Cécile Flaction
Manager Commercials

Christoph Jörimann
Manager Informatics

Dina Emmenegger
Manager Media Technician

Mario Koller
Manager Mechanics

Moritz Blum
Manager System and Apparatus Builders

Rascha Halimee
Manager Customer Dialog Specialist

Nadine Siegenthaler
Manager KV FO 


System and apparatus builders

Edi Basha
Trainer System and apparatus builders

Nino Koch
Trainer System and apparatus builders

Roli Maggion
Trainer System and apparatus builders

Electrical installer

Patrick Künzli
Trainer Electrical installer


Raphael Emmenegger
Trainer Electronic

Stefan Widmer
Trainer Electronic

Marzio Corda
Head Training Locarno

Danilo Elmo Gianettoni
Trainer Electronic Locarno


Michele Starace
Trainer Designer

Sue Feurer
Responsible  inter-company courses

Tino Huwiler
Responsible  inter-company courses

Timo Furrer
Trainer Factory


Yannick Schaller
Trainer Logistics 

Media Technicians

Ines Beckmann
Trainer Media technicians

Samira Riva
Trainer Media technicians

Simon Kuster
Trainer Media technicians


Adi Basha
Trainer Mechanics

Kevin Spörle
Trainer Mechanics

Leon Kuzhnini
Trainer Mechanics

Thomas Wellner
Trainer Mechanics