Our association of Schindler Apprentices

A few years ago, the Association of Schindler Apprentices (VSL) was founded by an almost unstoppable group of Schindler apprentices. Going through thick and thin together? It is just as much in vogue today as it was then. That is because we keep our learning traditions fresh.

Our goals

  • Getting to know one another / encouraging cohesion amongst apprentices
  • Organizing interesting events for apprentices
  • Point of contact in case of professional challenges
  • Interface for professional education
  • Creating a magazine called Schindler Apprentices News
  • Organizing the trip to mark completion of the apprenticeship
  • Managing and organizing an association


The VSL encourages cohesion and team spirit amongst apprentices by organizing communal events such as the annual barbecue or the traditional ski weekend. This gives apprentices the opportunity to get to know one another better, even beyond their individual career and apprentice year groups.

Professional support

The VSL wants to create good conditions for all apprentices. This means, if an apprentice faces any professional challenges, the apprentice can ask for quidance by contacting the board members. The board members will deal seriously and confidentially with the topics to find a solution for those concerned.

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